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“Chef Like Leel” is a private, introductory cooking class where you will learn the fundamentals of composing Alkaline meals. This course includes some Chef Leel secrets behind tenderizing mushrooms, soaking and cooking times for grains, creating sauces, shopping locations and more. What makes this class unique is that Chef Leel will come into your home and make use of kitchen equipment you already have. Upon completion of this course, you’ll have attained the foundation needed to be a confident cook and a set of priceless skills you’ll use anytime you’re in the kitchen.

$225 for one person
$350 for two people
“Be Your Own Chef” is an advanced cooking course which dives deep into the concept of composing unique, gourmet meals. You’ll learn techniques in chopping and dicing, kneading and baking dough and more Chef Leel techniques working with alkaline ingredients. Chef-grade equipment and high quality foods will be provided for you to prepare. Additionally, you will get the chance to cook an exclusive Chef Leel recipe with the Chef himself.

$325 for 1 person
$450 for 2 people
Here’s your opportunity at The Chef Leel Experience with a fun and engaging twist. You’ll enjoy a surprise Chef Leel special or a featured promotion item. Your meal may comprise one or more courses and may include dessert. This experience is one of a kind as you’ll join Chef Leel in the chef’s studio and enjoy fresh food directly from the kitchen to the table. As a bonus, Chef will welcome you onto his social media to live stream the experience and potentially promote your brand.

$99 for 1 guest
$144 for 2 guests

Location: Chef’s world

Chef Like Leel

An Introductory Cooking Class
2 hours

Be Your Own Chef

An Advanced Cooking Class
2 hours

Next to Chef Nourishment

An Interactive Meal Experience
45 minutes